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Home • Industry FAQs • How do I improve seam softness on knitted garments?
  1. Use either a textured polyester or nylon yarn on the loopers. These can include micro filament texturised yarns such as Seamsoft or standard texturised yarns such as Gramax or Hi- N.
  2. Seam softness is not only due to the looper threads, but also depends on the needle thread showing through on the bottom side. To improve, tighten needle tensions, loosen looper tensions or
  3. Replace needle thread with a softer or finer thread size.
  4. Loosen tension on looper.
  5. Advance rotary take up or change machine type.
  6. Sew with both needles on two plys of fabric (if one off one on).
  7. Is the presser foot too weak? Is the feed dog too low? Is the bobbin case damaged?