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What lies beneath

In apparel construction, it’s the detail you can’t see that makes the biggest difference.

  • June 2018

In apparel construction, it’s the detail you can’t see that makes the biggest difference.

Why does a collar look sharp? How do garments stay soft and not scratch? Here at Coats, we know that it is the hidden things like trims and interlinings that give the shape and form to today’s fashion items.

Trims are generally used to enhance the finer details and of garments and increase value, while interlinings provide strength and shape to a garment; they are used in collars, cuffs, waistbands, and the front facing of coats, outerwear, jackets, and blazers.

The market’s need for trims and interlinings suppliers who offer a comprehensive portfolio of compliant products along with speedy service and reduced complexity drives our commitment to our customers. We know these items help our customers create better products; that is one reason why we collaborated with Permess.

Last year, we officially joined Permess in a strategic alliance to develop a comprehensive co-branded range of interlinings. The experienced supplier offers more than 50 years of experience in providing exceptional service. This partnership allows us to offer a variety of high quality interlinings, along with threads, yarns and zips, as well as quick local service, cutting lead times from over a week to 48 hours in most instances. Permess is able to provide interlinings for almost all apparel segments, such as shirts, tailored menswear, ladieswear, denim, etc. Perhaps one of their most innovative products is QleXX, a tape that significantly improves a garment’s fit.

As our partnership developed, so have our products and solutions. Together, we offered a prominent British multinational retailer with the lightest and softest possible interlining constructed, protecting the skin from potential scratches by embroidered garments. Soon after, a popular US childrenswear brand also purchased the innovation for its clothing.

As one of the few companies with production capabilities in Bangladesh, we are able to provide exceptional coverage for cost-effective sourcing. Around the globe, the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology helps to provide consistent quality to customers.

The Coats Permess Studio will greatly enhance our ability to demonstrate the suitability of specific linings to different garment applications and also help customers choose the specific feel and handle they need

Ken Miller, Sales Director of Permess International

In addition, we also offer technical services at our nine Design Studios across the globe, such as interlining advisory services, technical workshops, outer fabric testing, interlining fusing and laundry trials based on customers’ fabrics, sampling and product development. This helps to provide quick and comprehensive services to our customer base. We are also able to provide fast and reliable lead-times based on local stocks, innovative products, competitive pricing, and a one-stop shop for thread, zips and interlinings.

Our sales, distribution and technical service capabilities in markets across the world offers an excellent fusion with Permess’ interlinings manufacturing spread, expertise and technology.

While we welcome customers to visit our Design Studios, we understand that many will be unable to come in to the studios. When this is the case, we offer the option for them to mail their fabrics or even have a Coats expert transport products for testing at our facilities.

To learn more about how our services will help improve your product quality and product development speed, visit one of our state-of-the-art Design Studios or contact us to request one of our technical experts to meet with you.

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