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21 August 2023

Coats and the Journey to Zero

Elevating Global Safety Culture with Intelex

  • August 2023
    • ShopCoats

We have embarked on a Journey to Zero; a strategy designed to establish an all-encompassing global safety culture. This initiative aims to ensure that all of its over 17,000 employees across six continents experience a safe working environment.

The Challenge

In an organisation of such global scale, gathering and managing the necessary data to support leading indicators proves to be a formidable task. Previously, Coats relied on several manual data management processes, resulting in time-consuming tasks with potential risks of error from manual data entry.

The Solution: Intelex

To surmount this challenge, Coats turned to Intelex for their data solutions and structured safety workflows. Implementing Intelex's EHS Incident Management and Behavior-Based Safety has revolutionised their reporting and approval process, eliminating the need for manual data entry into spreadsheets.

The Impact

Intelex has contributed significantly to Coats’ Journey to Zero strategy, leading to notable safety successes. Coats has seen a substantial increase in the identification of improvement actions and a reduction in the number of injuries and other incidents. The improvements include:

  • A rise in near misses reporting rate by 33%
  • An increase in hazard reporting rate by 36%
  • A surge in the improvement actions completed rate by 55%

Coats' Journey to Zero strategy, backed by Intelex applications, has led to remarkable improvements in the company's global safety culture. The company continues to strive towards creating a safer work environment for all its employees.