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The Global Standard and Universal Unit of Measure for Time and Cost in the Apparel Supply Chain. Calculate SMVs accurately.

There’s only one industry standard to benchmark time and costs in factories and that's GSD! GSD (General Sewing Data) is an engineering technology of method analysis and time study designed specially for the clothing industry.

The only industry solutions authorised to use GSD are GSDv4 and GSDCost. GSDCost is an award-winning SaaS solution used by the worlds leading brands, apparel and footwear manufacturers to calculate accurate SMVs (Standard Minute Values).
GSDCost has proven to improve productivity by 10%. Optimise time and cost from the moment the lines start running. GSDCost is the only common language for time, cost, capacity and compliance, that supports effective collboration between brands and their vendor partners. GSDCost supports fairer brand/vendor negotiations based on scientific methods and cost analysis.
The GSD and GSDCost methods analysis and pre-determined times solution, is widely acknowledged as the de-facto international standard across the sewn products industry, implemented in hundreds of manufacturers and brands across the globe.

Accurate SMV Calculations with GSDCost

Deliver: on-cost, on-time, every time and improve your bottom line!

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Key Features of GSDCost

GSDCost helps Production and Industrial Engineers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ for all sewn products, using standard motion codes and pre-determined times. GSDCost helps sewn products manufacturers by:

1. Delivering productivity improvements and consistent quality by optimising the construction method.

2. Improving on-time delivery performance by 10% and supporting accurate ‘minutes based’ production line planning.

3. Enabling fact-based negotiations with brands based on accurate cost estimates.

4. Ensuring fair wage compliance by helping companies set realistic and achievable production targets.

5. Maintaining preferred vendor status through a combination of productivity improvements, cost optimisation, increased speed and reliability.

Boost Profits with accurate garment costing

Unlike stopwatches and historical records, GSDCost delivers science-based, optimised cost estimates using industry standards and methodologies. Elevate your profitability by using a common and consistent costing framework that improves brand/vendor collaboration and transparency throughout the fashion supply chain.

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