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Combine and automate your fabric cutting and buying operations.

Threadsol was acquired by Coats Digital in 2018 along with the innovative fabric buying and cutting solutions, IntelloBuy and IntelloCut (Now Referred as FastReactFabric).

In Sept 2022, Coats Digital announced the culmination of these cutting-edge technologies in the form of FastReactFabric, a trailblazing platform that seamlessly integrates fabric cutting and buying.

Benefits of FastReactFabric

  1. Combine fabric buying and fabric cutting operations into a single platform for enhanced visibility and transparency.
  2. It is proven to help garment manufacturers in controlling and optimising their biggest cost – fabric, typically reducing fabric costs by 2%.
  3. FastReactFabric automates the entire process of fabric cutting, buying and planning, reducing planning times by 80%, providing 100% execution control.
  4. FastReactFabric boosts profitability and provides 360 degree visibility of process compliance.

Smart Fabric Planning with FastReactFabric

Stop wasting fabric and start increasing profits. Buy fabric with accuracy and cut with confidence.

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