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90% of Coats total water consumption is used in dyeing, one of the most important parts of the thread manufacturing process. Coats continues to invest in new machines with low liquor ratio, while also modifying processes in existing machines to be more water-efficient. It is also exploring innovative developments in waterless dyeing technology.

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“I am pleased with the progress that we have continued to make in reducing water use during 2020. We still have a long way to go to reach our 2022 target, but given the disruption caused by the pandemic, especially to our ability to complete projects we had planned for the year and to plant efficiencies, the results show solid progress.

Water is a shared resource between us and surrounding communities and businesses and we are always conscious that our need for water in our processes must not mean that our neighbours are short of water. We have a four-pronged approach to reducing water use; eliminating unnecessary use of water, especially from leaks, reducing the amount of water required in a dyebath, modifying processes to reduce steps requiring water and recycling as much water as we can. Our process engineers are constantly focussed on these objectives. Meanwhile we continue to invest in developing the water-free technologies of the future.”

Michael Schofer
Chief Transformation and Digital Officer

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