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The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee Health & Safety and Wellness programmes and the impacts that Coats can have by supporting our communities. Ensuring that all Coats employees work in a safe environment, are remunerated fairly under Living Wage benchmarks and have good development opportunities is central to Coats employee value proposition.

Leader's Voice

“Employing people from over 60 nationalities and different environments around the world normally means that we deal with multiple different social and people issues at any one time. This was clearly not the case in 2020 as the pandemic deeply impacted on our activities across all our sites, and it was, by a long way, the single defining issue of the year. The crisis touched every single Coats employee and their families in one way or another, and, undoubtedly, the fact that we were dealing with the same issues in multiple locations simultaneously or on close succession helped bring the global Coats family together to deal with the challenge.

Our social media channels have been alive all year with experiences, suggestions and messages of support. We have also developed our ability to broadcast clear, consistent and universally relevant messaging directly from top management across the whole organisation, combined with opportunities for direct feedback. Pulse surveys during the year have helped us to be sure that communications were functioning effectively.

Not withstanding the impact of the pandemic and the need for the whole organisation to pivot to deal with it, we were still able to continue to make progress in some crucial areas of our social agenda. This was especially the case in completing our Living Wage analysis, the conclusions from which are now being actioned where appropriate.”

Monica McKee
Chief Human Resources Officer

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