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Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably

The products and services that Coats provides have to be sustainable in themselves but they can also contribute actively to making customers’ products more sustainable. Coats is working actively with customers on the recycled and circular projects of the future.

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“While originally Coats’ business was built on cotton as a raw material, for many years now our main raw materials have been plastics like polyester. Our goal for years has been to produce threads that can be used in seams that last at least until the end of a garment’s life, and often considerably beyond that. Polyester is an ideal material for this as the combination of strength and elasticity allows for high speed sewing and long seam life. However, we are fully aware that there are downsides to the use of polyester, especially if it cannot be recovered and recycled.

Our aim is to develop a range of products that allows our customers to design garments with a clear end-of-life strategy built into them. In many cases this will entail continuing to use polyester threads (though recycled rather than virgin material) for garments made using polyester fabric. However, it also requires us to develop threads that can be used with garments made from other materials, especially cotton. We are already working with multiple partners across the supply chain to meet these challenges.”

Adrian Elliott
President, Apparel and Footwear

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