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Living Sustainably

Living Sustainably

Coats is working proactively with customers and suppliers to help them improve the sustainability of their products. New products are being developed using recycled materials or that can be reused or recycled by others. In 2018 Coats launched Epic EcoVerde, the first fully recycled premium thread. In addition, a waste management process action plan is being rolled out across all operations.

Leader's Voice

“We are largely a plastics company, with polyester our principal product material, and with current technology options that it likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Our products are engineered to have a life span of many years. In most cases the seams made using our threads will still be in good condition at the end of a garment’s life. That is a good use for a highly engineered plastic material, but it is important for us to think beyond that single, extended lifecycle as the polymers used in our threads can be used virtually indefinitely.

The challenge we, and the textile industry in general, face is how to achieve repeated circular recycling of our products. The hurdles are both technical and organisational, spanning complex supply chains. We must continue to work in collaborative partnerships to establish this circularity.

Meanwhile we continue to develop our EcoVerde products which use recycled materials from other industries to produce high quality threads, thus giving a second lifecycle to these polymers.

Our focus on waste is crucial as it reduces the amount of material we need to make our threads. Waste is both an excess use of resources and a loss of value.”

Adrian Elliott President, Apparel and Footwear