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Effluent and Emissions

Effluent and Emissions

Continued enhancement of effluent treatment plants along with constant real-time monitoring is key to ensuring that stringent effluent quality parameters are achieved. Increased water recycling and hence reduced stress on water supplies is also part of the company strategy.

Leader's Voice

“While no common global standards for effluent quality existed, Coats developed and used its own global effluent standards. We did this because we consider that the environment is equally precious everywhere and we wanted to be certain that we were operating to the same high standards in all our plants, even where the local legislation was not as demanding.

Legislation will continue to vary widely from country to country, but since 2016 we have been members of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals group, and are wholly supportive of the attempts being made by this body to establish common effluent standards and reporting transparency across the global textile industry. We have now adopted these standards as our own global standards and are reporting against them biannually via the organisation’s portal. In addition, all of our major plants have constant online monitoring of key effluent parameters to ensure that effluent never strays outside accepted limits.”

Stuart Morgan
Chief Legal & Risk Officer and Group Company Secretary

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