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Building new renewable capacity in Vietnam

In 2019 we have completed the first phase of a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for electricity generated from photovoltaic panels.

The agreement was signed in July and the first phase was completed and switched on in October. These panels are installed on many of the roof areas in our Ho Chi Minh City plant.

Phase 2 of the project will be undertaken in 2020 using the roof area of the new effluent treatment plant that is currently being built on that site.

The full array will have a capacity of 1mW, and the first phase is slightly more than half of that (553 kW). The agreement will run for 20 years and we anticipate that it will reduce our CO2 emissions by 850 tonnes/year.

This project has been exemplary in terms of the speed and efficiency of the installation and start-up and has shown that in the right circumstances it is possible to complete such projects in a very short timeframe.

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