Coats Technical Services

Colour Shade Cards

At Coats we understand how important colour management is to our customers.

We are the world leader in digital textile colour technology, providing consistent colour matching and unrivalled standards of colour accuracy globally.

We have over 40 industrial dyehouses globally linked for seamless digital integration, using the latest colour standards and proprietary colour management.

Please see below some of our global colour cards.

Global Colour Book
Global Colour Book

The Global Colour Book is your ultimate colour selection tool for your favourite apparel threads, which are available anywhere in the world.

Master shade card
Master Shadecard

No matter how complex your operations and requirements are, Coats provides the best sewing threads and yarns on the market to meet your needs.

Denim jeans
Denim Colour Book

Look up colour shades for denim featuring top brands Epic, Dual Duty, Astra and Gramax.

Sylko Metallic
Epic Metallic Shade Card

Epic Metallic is a specially developed metallised sewing thread consisting of a metallised yarn twisted together with a polyester corespun thread. It can add a brilliant appearance, creating an eye catching effect on the products.

Epic Multicolour
Epic Multicolour Shade Card

Coats Epic Multicolour is a great way of creating statement detailing on your garments. Use it for decorative stitching or on seams to give an attractive, varied multicolour effect - especially on darker fabrics and washed-out denim.

Gral fine sizes
Gral Shade Card

Coats Gral is made from pre-stabilised, high tenacity, continuous filament polyester. Its lubricated finish helps protect against needle heat and abrasion, and enables you to sew consistent, neat stitches.

Lucence Shade Card

An embroidery thread with a special ‘glow in the dark’ effect which is ideal for making children’s clothing or fashion apparel more exciting, or for adding that extra special decorative feature.

Yarn for trainers
Neon for Apparel Shade Card

Coats neon colour range for apparel threads, available in Coats Epic, Coats Gramax and Coats Astra.

Dual Duty
Nylbond for Denim Shade Card

Coats Nylbond is a bonded nylon thread made from pre-stabilised continuous filament nylon 6.6.

Surfilor Colour Selection

Coats Surfilor is an exceptionally soft texturised nylon sewing thread which produces seams with a luxurious feel.

Blue thread
Sylko Embroidery Shade Card

Coats Sylko is a trilobal polyester thread for machine embroidering with superior lustre, durability and smooth operation at the highest speeds.

Sylko Metallic embroidery
Sylko Metallic Shade Card

Coats Sylko Metallic is a highly engineered composite thread for machine embroidery and decorative sewing.

Sylko Pearl
Sylko Pearl

A highly engineered composite thread for machine embroidery. This durable and attractive thread is especially designed for machine embroidery.

Tre Cerchi Shade Card

Coats Tre Cerchi is made with excellent quality long-staple cotton fibre and is perfect for sewing beautiful, lustrous seams on a wide range of products.