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Coats knows denim

With our global expertise, innovative solutions and technical support, Coats can help you meet your denim needs now and in the future.

Coats knows denim. Each year we make enough thread to go into 8 billion pairs
of jeans – that’s one for every person on the planet. Our deep understanding of
the opportunities and challenges facing the denim industry, coupled with our
value-adding products, services and solutions, will allow you to stay ahead of the
game. Coats – Pioneering Denim Solutions


Denim Visualiser


Featuring over 20 garments, the denim visualiser tool allows designers to choose the correct thread and colour options for their next collection.


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Dependable products and innovative solutions that
increase your productivity and speed to market


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Leveraging new thinking and technologies to embed
sustainability into denim manufacturing


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Supporting you to stay on top of denim trends and
create high performance, iconic denim pieces that last
a lifetime


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