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Coats AWF Range

Keeping you dry when it matters most

Coats offer a range of anti-wicking sewing threads for water-resistant outdoor apparel.

The PFC-free anti-wick finish prevents the capillary action of water transportation through the thread in the seam and can be applied to polyester thread brands, Epic AWF and Gral AWF.

Coats AWF Thread Range

Coats anti-wick PFC-free threads are the very best thread choice for no-compromise, premium water resistant outdoor wear.
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Coats Epic AWF

Coats Epic AWF is an environmentally friendly, anti-wicking thread for water-resistant outdoor wear and workwear.

  • High seam strength and excellent seam appearance due to the continuous filament polyester core and soft staple polyester wrap construction
  • Specially formulated finish delivers a high degree of water resistance
  • Specially lubricated to deliver outstanding sewing performance in the most demanding applications

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Coats Gral AWF

Coats Gral AWF has a specially formulated finish that delivers a high degree of water resistance to seams on outdoor wear and rainwear. Its PFC-free, anti-wick finish is kinder to the environment and helps prevent water from being taken up by the thread.

  • Gral AWF is a 100% polyester continuous filament
  • Its high breaking strength and optimum stretch characteristicsproduce smooth and attractive seams on leather footwear
  • The PFC-free anti-wick finish inhibits the capillary effect, therebyensuring that no water is taken up by the thread
  • When the correct sewing tension is used, the transport of waterthrough the needle hole is prevented

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At Coats, we have formulated a product application guide to help you design water resistant outdoor apparel

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