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Eloflex AS

Eloflex AS

Controlled elongation minimises the risk of seam extension failure on stretch fabrics
Coats Eloflex AS is a great option for soft and secure stretch seams designed for the needs of outdoor performance sportswear, woven outerwear, fashion jackets and next-to-skin garments.

Its controlled elongation minimises the risk of seam extension failure on stretch fabrics.

In drier atmospheric conditions the lower static and lower dynamic friction values of Eloflex AS minimise the attraction of down towards the needle, helping to prevent down leakage through needle holes. The lower dynamic friction values of Eloflex AS also enhance the uniformity of the stitch formation allowing neat, well balanced seams.


Features and Benefits


  • Coats Eloflex AS delivers high extensibility and good seam strength with excellent sewability
  • Minimises the risk of seam extension failure on stretch fabrics
  • Enables high stretch lockstitch seams
  • Excellent static and dynamic friction values reduce leakage of “down” through the needle hole
  • High stretch and controlled elongation
  • Provides solutions for oil-sensitive materials such as C0 fabrics
  • Allows for improved sewing performance on complex materials due to its higher heat shield
  • The reduced frictional values allow smoother thread pull off through the sewing machine helping to deliver longer lasting seams


For lockstitch applications, always use Eloflex both in the needle and the bobbin to achieve optimal stretch in the seam.

Coats Eloflex has a high initial modulus which enables it to deliver the good loop formation properties that are critical to good machine sewing.

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