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Dual Duty Supercotton

Specially engineered for post-dyed cotton garments, dyes as well as cotton with the strength of polyester
Coats Dual Duty Supercotton is a premium quality corespun sewing thread ideal for use in the manufacture of post dyed cotton garments.

Post dyed cotton garments normally require a 100% cotton sewing thread, but cotton threads have distinct drawbacks compared to corespun threads. These disadvantages include strength, elongation, shrinkage, sewing performance and abrasion resistance.

Dual Duty Supercotton sewing thread is ideal for all 100% cotton post dyed garments. It is a highly engineered hybrid sewing thread designed to give you all the benefits of corespun threads combined with the suitability of use in making post dyed garments. The polyester filament core provides excellent strength and durability, while the higher percentage of long staple cotton wrap ensures optimal dye uptake and “hides” the polyester filament to avoid speckling effect in the sewn seam.

It is an ideal choice for post dyed garments where the garment’s final colour is relatively known before the dyeing process. It has a unique corespun construction that gives an enhanced sewing performance and abrasion resistance, even compared to “premium” quality 100% cotton threads.

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Features and Benefits


  • The high tenacity polyester core provides higher tenacity and elongation as well as lower shrinkage compared to 100% cotton threads leading to superior seam quality
  • Special cotton wrap provides excellent dye uptake
  • Unique corespun construction delivers enhanced sewing performance and abrasion resistance even compared to “premium” quality 100% cotton threads
  • Specially formulated lubrication for low friction sewing


Please refer to the Product Information sheets for Dual Duty for the complete product details.

For garment dye, as fabric fibre content is outside our control, Coats strongly recommends:

  • Preliminary testing of garment dye and finishing technologies to ensure the thread is suitable for the end use intended.
  • Assigning a designated, carefully-controlled area through all stages of production to enough there is no mix-up during sewing or dyeing processes.

Since conditions and applications vary considerably in the use of a product, the customer and/or user should assure herself or himself that the product meets end customer requirements and is suitable for the intended end use. Coats accepts no liability for unsuitable or improper use or application of products.

Information provided above is based on current averages and should be taken only as indicative. Coats accepts no liability for the preciseness and correctness of the information provided.

Product information sheets are updated from time to time, please be sure you are referring to the most recent publication. Coats supports customers with advice on individual applications on request; if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.