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Strength Members

Strength Members give strength to the cable needed during installation process.

They protect the cable against external hazards and the fragile optical fibre inside.

Strength Member
Gotex FG UBC PU – Coated Fibreglass

A fibreglass yarn with a super absorbent coating. It's used to strengthen fibre optic cables and prevent water from reaching the cable core.
Gotex FG PU Gotex FG PU Ultrabloc
Protos HM UBC – Water Blocking Aramid

A water swellable, super absorbent coated aramid for use in cable strength member applications. Its coating is proven to provide world class water absorption for fibre optic cable applications.
Protos Ultrabloc
Gotex StremX (HM – UHM)

A new generation of high performance Gotex fibre that can be used as a strength element in fibre optic cables. This flexible and flat GRP is a premium quality yarn with a special and unique coating that provides the yarn with exceptional performance.
Gotex StremX
Gotex FRP / ARP

Composites (central strength member)
FRP/ ARP – Fibreglass or Aramid Reinforced Plastic
Gotex FRP is an all-dielectric, fibreglass reinforced plastic composite used as a central strength member in fibre optic cables. It has a smooth and consistent surface with a low tolerance to environmental conditions.