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The human eye can distinguish over 10 million colors. But they can look very different depending on lighting conditions and material. Coats has removed the subjectivity of color by pioneering digital technology for over 20 years, ensuring reliable consistency globally.

Chris Dearing has led Coats color management strategy for over sixteen years. In this video he explains how we work as part of Nike’s Color Management Program (CMP) to ensure fast, accurate, consistent color matching worldwide.

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With over 700,000 thread samples delivered worldwide every year, Coats know color. We have over forty color labs across the globe, each equipped with the latest technology. Connected through a system that transmits color data electronically to ensure a perfect match every time. We also offer a full suite of color management solutions to shorten lead times, reduce cost, improve quality and minimise environmental impacts.

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Color is crucial to a product’s success, defining the latest trends. Measuring and matching them is critical and challenging. Our unique color matching formula is now the international industry standard. Whether it’s using the standard CMP palette or creating bespoke shades, our rigorous process will help you ensure vibrancy and consistency.

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