Understanding Coats

Business model

Our vision is to become the world leader in value adding engineered yarns and threads for industrial and consumer use, and our business model provides us with the framework to effectively design, manufacture, market and deliver high quality products and digital services.

Goals and culture
We deliver both our purpose and our strategy through the way we work
Our purpose is to harness talent and technology to create thread, yarn and service-based solutions to benefit all our stakeholders – our customers and their industries, our shareholders, our people and the communities in which we operate
Our strategy ‘Transforming from the Industrial to the Digital Age’
Our business model is built on our foundations of safety, compliance, sustainability, performance, speed, agility and technology
Apparel and Footwear Performance Materials
Products Services Products
We are the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of industrial sewing threads, with leading products such as Epic (fashion apparel), EcoVerde (recycled thread), Dual Duty (denim) and Nylbond (footwear); under the Opti brand we are a major global manufacturer of metal, plastic and spiral zippers; we offer a growing range of other trim products to the global garment industry, such as reflective tape and premium interlinings. Our newly launched brand offers a technology business with deep industry expertise delivering great customer value and ideally placed to solve the Apparel and Footwear industry’s big problems – cost, speed, and transparency.

Our most recent acquisition ThreadSol, which was completed early in 2019, complements our previous acquisitions of GSD and Fast React allowing us to offer an ever broader suite of industry leading consultancy, tools (e.g. cost benchmarking) and PLM software to garment manufacturers and brands / retailers.
We produce multiple innovative threads and yarns for traditional and high technology uses and sell directly to global original equipment manufacturers. End-markets include household and recreation, healthcare (medical sutures), transportation (airbag thread), telecoms (coated fibreglass to provide strength to fibre optic cables), oil and gas (composite tapes for reinforcing pipes), personal protection (flame retardant yarn) and composites (combinations of carbon fibre aramids, para and meta aramids, fibre glass, nylon, polyester).

Our recent acquisition of Pharr HP expands our existing manufacturing capabilities, widens our innovation offering and drives further penetration into the Personal Protection market.

‘Through our activities we make an economic impact that stretches far beyond the boundaries of our own operations as we buy from local, regional and global suppliers.’



Sales and marketing

Through our network of customer and supplier relationships we have close interactions with the world’s leading global retailers, brands and manufacturers and are able to respond quickly to their specific needs, pressures and aspirations.


We are able to service our customers with a globally consistent quality and colour that has been manufactured to high ethical, labour, and environmental standards. Whilst only 1-2% of the cost of a typical garment, seam failure as a result of lower cost threads can involve costly returns as well as reputational damage. Our products are tested and measured against stringent quality and safety standards. Above all, we provide ‘peace of mind’ to our customers.

New product / process innovation

Through our global network we have a culture of seeking to innovate in the industries in which we operate. Following the opening of our first innovation hub in the US in 2018, we opened further hubs in China and Turkey in 2019, giving us a global innovation offering across both A&F and Performance Materials. These facilities provide a dedicated space to collaborate with our customers to deliver prototypes for their specific requirements. We expect these hubs to drive incremental new product sales which form a key part of our future growth prospects.

Our R&D team works with customers to understand their needs, with support from academic institutions and specialist companies, developing new product solutions with our customers’ needs always in mind.


We use our expertise to support our customers by making thousands of technical interventions to help our customers on the shop floor every year.


By offering an industry leading set of services, from colour sampling to online training, e-commerce to supply chain management tools, we make it easier to do business with us and offer greater value and time benefits to customers. We rebranded our software solutions business to Coats Digital during the year which brings all of our software solution tools under one single umbrella brand.

‘We use our expertise to support our customers by making thousands of technical interventions on the shop floor every year.’