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Personal Protection

​Digital blend innovation that creates pre-certified and differentiated flame/cut resistant woven or knit products for extreme personal protection end uses.

Denim Campaign

Personal Protective Equipment

Coats are on hand to support its customers with producing PPE by helping to source raw materials / component suppliers for companies who need them

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Coats Armoren

Coats Armoren

Engineered yarn technology that extends the frontiers of safety awareness in cut protection.

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Yarn protective gloves

Coats FLX Technology

Innovative technology that enables the creation of engineered yarns and fabric concepts with stretch characteristics.

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Epic ProtectV

Coats Epic ProtectV

Powered by HeiQ Viroblock, Epic ProtectV is a premium quality polyester corespun sewing thread treated with HeiQ Viroblock technology.

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Coats Firefly

Made from 100% spun meta-aramid fibre, it is uniquely engineered to provide exceptional flame, heat and electric arc resistance

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Flame retardant sewing thread

Coats Flamepro

An innovative family of flame resistant, electric arc and metal molten splash protective yarns, ideal for enhancing protective wear

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