Other Applications

Other Industrial Applications

​With a broad expertise, global presence and cutting-edge technical capabilities, we can help you create exceptional quality, attractive products while increasing your productivity.

Medical, Health and Food

Cotton for tea bag threads

A tea break is always welcome, but a break in production of tea bags due to poor quality thread is quite another thing.

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Medical, Health and Food

Coats Admiral FH

Engineered to meet stringent health and safety guidelines, it is 100% flushable and perfect for tampon strings.

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Medical, Health and Food

Coats Prolene Teabag

A chemical resistant polypropylene sewing thread widely used in high-speed tea bag manufacturing

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Medical, Health and Food

The finest suture threads

With its high breaking strength and chemical resistance, Coats Gral Suture is perfect for use in medical and surgical procedures.

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Other Applications - Filtration


Our multipurpose sewing threads have been developed for the manufacture of demanding filtration applications.

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Other Applications


Permeable fabrics offer the ability to separate, filter, reinforce and protect or drain when used with soil.

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Composite innovations

We have used our core capability in high performance yarn to create an innovative process to produce composite solutions.

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Reduce weight in automotives

The future of the automotive industry depends on its ability to become lightweight; Synergex™ and Lattice™ can help.

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A range of futuristic ‘smart’ threads which offers great sewability for different market needs using blending, twisting, braiding, covering and/or coating technologies.

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Electronic Textiles


A new technology, RFID enabled textiles allow a user to instantaneously know data about that textile or product.

Electronic Textiles - Resistive Heating

Resistive Heating

Resistive heating is one of the oldest e-textiles. With technical embroidery, we create optimised biomorphic shapes in large batches.

iPhone and charging cable


With a tunable shape, seamless integration and enhanced durability, textile antennas have an advantage over traditional antennas.