OFC Networks in India

Showcasing cutting-edge telecom solutions

Coats India co-sponsored the 10th Edition of OFC Networks - a leading conference in India on optical fibre networks.

Our innovative approach to product design has helped us develop a new line of products with exceptional mechanical performance that cater to most challenging wire and cable applications.

At this year’s 10th edition of Optical Fibre Conference (OFC) virtual, an event we co-sponsored, we showcased our flagship high performance yarn in the optical fibre segment – Coats Gotex StremX that keeps cables safe, and information flowing.

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Keynote Speaker and Session Brief

Coats subject matter expert and Commercial Director Global Telecoms and Energy and Global Composites - Pradip Bahukudumbi, delivered a keynote session on Coats Gotex StremX – “A new generation of strength members for fibre optic cables”.

The session features product insights on this new generation of high performance yarn and its application in the industry in the optical fibre space where it has delivered high performance results.

More about Coats Gotex StremX solution

Coats Gotex StremX is a new generation of high performance yarn that can be used as a strength element in fibre optic cables.

Gotex StremX has a very specific composition made up of materials which currently are predominantly used in the Aerospace, Wind and Composite markets. Through our innovative approach to product design we have created a disruptive solution which is the evolution of a yarn that can now be adapted to the cable market.

This strength member has outstanding tensile modulus and tensile strength, as well as excellent temperature and corrosion resistance.

We have developed two variations of Gotex StremX, high modulus as well as ultra high modulus yarns and optional water blocking coatings to accomplish your specific needs in the telecommunication cable designs.

Power and Energy Cables

Gotex FG

An extremely flexible, lightweight fibreglass strength member yarn used in fibre optic cables.

Wire and Cable

Ultrabloc SY

Proven to be the best fibre in terms of absorption speed and capacity as well as tensile strength when compared to competitors.