Splash protect flame retardant

Bharat Safety Event, OSH India

Showcasing Coats Flamepro Splash

At Coats, we are working tirelessly to develop innovative high technology Performance Materials for Personal Protection, Transportation, Energy and Telecoms industries, and we never stop innovating.

We were the proud leading sponsors at the Bharat Safety Expo and Conference 2021, organized by OSH India, Informa Markets. The 3rd Edition of the event was curated to discuss occupational safety and health as a priority for companies, while reiterating the significance and business benefits of investing in the health and safety of workforce. As we are getting back to the new normal, the aftermath of the COVID pandemic has made the challenges confronting the Health and Safety Managers more complex and there’s an emergence of new and more sophisticated parameters.

As platinum sponsors, our keynote session, led by Richard Ridewood, was focused on Coats FlamePro Splash, details of which are below.

Keynote Speaker and Brief

Coats Head of Group Innovation and Global Commercial Director, Richard Ridewood, delivered a keynote session on:

Coats FlamePro Splash – Striking a balance between comfort and molten metal splash protection.

The session features insights on:

  1. Why choose Coats FlamePro Splash
  2. Molten metal splash test
  3. Coats Innovation Hubs

Watch the on-demand recording to see the session and learn more about Coats innovations in the Personal Protection segment.

Richard Ridewood
Industrial factory

Personal Protection

Digital blend innovation that creates pre-certified and differentiated flame/cut resistant woven or knit products for extreme personal protection end uses.

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Coats Armoren

Coats Armoren

Engineered yarn technology that extends the frontiers of safety awareness in cut protection.

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