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Signal Lucence Sew-on Tapes

Phosphorescent sew-on tapes
Coats Signal Lucence Sew-on Tapes is a range of high performance phosphorescent sew-on tapes for workwear, PPE, general apparel and accessories.

It is made from a patent pending formulation of strontium nitrate photoluminescent pigments and clear microscopic glass beads, which is applied on different fabric types such as polyester / cotton, flame retardant cotton and meta-aramid. The articles are available in domestic and industrial wash.

Coats Signal Lucence Sew-on Tapes offers a third layer of visibility and it works when there is no primary light source or reduced light.

The photoluminescent material absorbs both natural and artificial UV light through electron excitation which it then emits as an afterglow in low light or zero light. Each time Coats Lucence material is exposed to UV light it will recharge with no need for batteries.


Features and Benefits


  • Has a short charging time; UV light charging times vary depending on the type of light but typically a day light charge will take 5 minutes and a charge in overhead fluorescent light ten minutes
  • Features a long afterglow which lasts over 8 hours with the first hour being the brightest
  • Can be washed on the garment and has been independently tested to meet the requirements for domestic laundry
  • The technology lasts as long as the garment with testing showing the phosphorescent pigments work for 20 years
  • Certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex


Since conditions and applications vary considerably in the use of product, user should assure herself or himself by preliminary testing that the product is suitable for the end use intended.