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Innovation meets reliability in high visibility.

Trusted to provide the highest visibility in the toughest of conditions, Coats Signal offers a global range of high-performing materials that deliver outstanding visibility every time.

Setting the industry standard for over 250 years, we’ve crafted a line of products that deliver Coats-quality innovation which make people safer.

Our high visibility tapes and heat transfers provide safety and reliability when it’s needed most.

With our team of dedicated experts focused on your needs, Coats Signal don’t just meet high-visibility regulations – they exceed them.

And with premium durability designed to withstand tough industrial laundry, Coats Signal is the crucial component that won’t let you down.

Explore what we can do for you.




Coats Signal is a global range of high quality, reflective tapes for workwear, protective clothing, apparel and accessories.

When illuminated by a light source, Signal helps to enhance a product’s visibility at night or during bad weather. In combination with fluorescent elements, Signal improves daytime and low light visibility.


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Signal Lucence


Coats Signal Lucence is a range of sew-on tapes, heat transfers and self-adhesive material which utilises a patent pending, revolutionary safety innovation based on phosphorescent technology (VizLite DT).

In addition to retro-reflectivity and a fluorescent colours, Coats Signal Lucence Heat Transfer offers a third layer of visibility. It works when there is no primary light source or reduced light.

The photoluminescent material absorbs both natural and artificial UV light through electron excitation which it then emits as an afterglow in low light or zero light.


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Signal Lucence PRO


Coats Signal Lucence PRO is a range of high performance sew-on tapes, which offers the option to combine three technologies; retro-reflectivity, fluorescence and phosphorescence in a single material to meet the requirements of the hi-vis workwear and firefighter markets.

It consists of segmented retro-reflective and fluorescent material combined with phosphorescent backing material, which is derived from a patent pending formulation of strontium nitrate photoluminescent pigments applied on meta-aramid fabric.


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