Opti P TP

Total Plastic molded zips for corrosion free results in outdoor applications

Total Plastic zips are the best option for corrosion free results in outdoor technical applications where humidity, salt water, wind and sun influence the zip performance.

Zips are expected to perform at their best under all conditions – including when exposed to external elements such as acid rain, chlorinated or sea water and sun light.

Ensuring durability and high puller breaking strength, TP zips with their variety of sliders are the best solution for marine and outdoor gear applications.

TP Zip: Additional enhancements:
•Water repellency with our special HydroS treatment of the textile tapes
•Resistance to sunlight and UV radiation
•Color fastness
•Wider textile tapes

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Available types

Available types
  Close End Open End Two Way Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Continuous Chain
P80 TP Available Available Available Available Available Available

Additional Options

  • Auto-lock slider
  • Non-lock double slider
  • Non-lock slider
  • Pin-lock slider - white


Some environmental conditions can cause the slider in a zip to corrode following which the zip can start to malfunction.

Opti TP (Total Plastic) zips, where the slider is made from plastic, making it corrosion-resistant.

Before proceeding to bulk production, Coats Opti recommends that you run tests and production trials on all zip uses/applications in order to verify that the product meets the end customer requirements and also the demands of internal processing conditions. Coats Opti supports customers with advice on individual applications when requested. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.