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Coats M Ultra

Coats M Ultra are exceptionally shiny and smooth metal zips
Our new Coats M Ultra zips range has a brilliant gloss look and a smooth finish.

A new proprietary finishing process has been introduced to replace the standard wire brushing for conventional metal zips. Consequently the Coats M Ultra zip metal components are de-burred and abraded uniformly in all areas of the zip including those parts not easily accessible for a mechanical process.

The result is an excellent looking and uniformly shiny zip that opens and closes very smoothly.

Discover how Coats M Ultra can enhance the appearance of your products. Download our product datasheets or contact one of our experts.

Available types

  Close end Open End Zip Two Way Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Continuous chain
  Close End Open End Two Way Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Continuous Chain
M60 Ultra Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare
M80 Ultra Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare Verfügbare

Additional Options

  • Ultra Black
    Ultra Black
  • Ultra Gold
    Ultra Gold
  • Ultra Gun Metal
    Ultra Gun Metal
  • Ultra Light Gold
    Ultra Light Gold
  • Ultra Silver
    Ultra Silver


Metal zips used on leather goods may exhibit a change in the metal finish, due to chemical agents applied on the leather which are not properly washed away or neutralised after tanning.

Chemicals used in garment dyeing and bleaching may cause a change in colour of the metal zip elements or result in a stain migration problem.

Metal zips that undergo severe denim washes (enzyme and stone wash) may be affected by chemical and physical abrasion.

Prior to bulk production, Coats recommends that tests and trials are carried out on all zip uses/applications in order to verify that the product meets end customer requirements and the demands of internal processing conditions. Coats supports customers with advice on individual applications on request; if you have any questions or concerns, please kontaktieren Sie uns.