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Signal C 402 000

A silver retro-reflective tape for all high-visibility applications
Coats Signal is a global range of high quality, reflective tapes for workwear, protective clothing, apparel and accessories. When illuminated by a light source, Signal helps to enhance a product’s visibility at night or during bad weather.

Signal C 402 000 exceeds the requirements of key high-visibility regulations to ensure maximum performance. This tape is suitable for domestic washing (60 cycles) or dry cleaning (50 cycles).

Discover how Signal C 402 000 can transform your products. Download our product datasheet or by contacting one of our experts.


Da die Gegebenheiten und Anwendungen bei der Verwendung von Reflexionsband sehr unterschiedlich sind, sollte sich der Anwender durch Vorversuche vergewissern, dass das Reflexionsband für die vorgesehene Endanwendung geeignet ist.