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300 million pairs of sports and athletic shoes are made every year using Coats threads and zips. Our collaboration with sports footwear manufacturers is unparalleled in the industry, with the world’s foremost sports footwear brands calling upon our technical knowledge to help them improve their latest designs and their manufacturer's' quality and productivity.

At Coats, we understand the importance of quality stitching for your sports shoes. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of top-of-the-line sewing threads that are perfect for upper stitching, moccasin, and sole stitching.

Our world-class threads are designed to provide higher breaking strength and optimal stretch characteristics, ensuring that your sports shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and flexible. Our technical expertise has helped the leading sports footwear brands to improve their latest designs and manufacturers' quality and productivity.

As part of Coats commitment to deliver industry-leading service, we have created a new 3D tool which allows our customers to select from a range of knitting yarns, composites and threads to create the base for the perfect sports shoe. It's our small way of helping you stay a step ahead of the competition.

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Latest developments

Sports Footwear

With new digital tools available, selecting the right Coats thread or composite for your next project is even simpler.

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Based on a commitment to innovation Coats have developed CoatsKnit, a range of engineered yarns for footwear.

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CoatsKnit AWF

A innovative new product from Coats, this is a textured filament yarn with a durable PFC-free anti-wick finish that stops moisture in its tracks.

Coats Protect

Coats introduces the world’s first anti-microbial sewing threads that provide protection from microbes and bacteria.

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