Coats Epic


High quality, polyester corespun that is precisely engineered to create durable, attractive seams

Coats Epic thread is a versatile quality polyester corespun sewing thread used by leading brands and manufacturers worldwide.

Epic can be used in many different applications and in a wide range of fabrics from delicate silks to robust denims and high tech performance materials; at all times ensuring excellent stitch formation and an attractive seam appearance.

Choosing to use Coats Epic will not only enhance the appearance of sewn products but can greatly improve the productivity and performance of a sewing production line. Finished with a specially formulated lubricant it delivers excellent sewing performance at low tension under the most demanding of conditions.

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Einfach die beste Möglichkeit, Kosten zu sparen und Kleidungsstücke herzustellen. Bei Hunderten von Herstellern und Marken weltweit implementiert.

Es gibt nur einen Industriestandard für das Zeit-Kosten-Benchmarking an den Produktionsstandorten. Es gibt nur eine gemeinsame Sprache für Zeit, Kosten, Kapazität und Compliance, die zwischen Marken und ihren Handelspartnern gesprochen wird. Und es gibt nur eine Lösung, mit der Sie die Zeit und die Kosten ab dem Moment, in dem die Produktionslinien anlaufen, optimieren können.

Die GSD-Methodenanalyse und die Lösung mit vorab festgelegten Zeiten werden als internationale De-facto-Norm für Nähprodukte anerkannt.

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Since conditions and applications vary considerably in the use of a product, the customer and/or user should assure herself or himself that the product meets end customer requirements and is suitable for the intended end use. Coats accepts no liability for unsuitable or improper use or application of products.

Information provided above is based on current averages and should be taken only as indicative. Coats accepts no liability for the preciseness and correctness of the information provided.

Product information sheets are updated from time to time, please be sure you are referring to the most recent publication. Coats supports customers with advice on individual applications on request; if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.